Vladimir Shashin`s homepage.

Vladimir Shashin`s homepage.

Main name is Vladimir Shashin. I borned in 1971 and i`m living in St.Petersburg. I`ve written software for web and develop hardware. I`d like playing in logical games. My emails are: ( support@proforums.ru, vnsh@radiolink.net ).

Job experience:

1/2003-Present Lumex Ltd
Senior engineer, develop analytical instruments.
2/199912/2002 D.V.Efremov Scientific Research Institute of Electrophysical Apparatus. Department of microtechnology.
Senior engineer, develop power electronics and control systems for lazers (for example 1999-2000).
11/1994-8/1998 373 Center of NAVY.
Engineer, service and repair specialized computing system.


1988-1994 Graduated from the St.Petersburg Electrotechnical University

Languages, projects and tools:

Java My software: 3D Gomoku, JPChat (WebStart).
Perl My software: web search system VSearch, web forum "Java questions", other scripts on www.devresource.org
Assemblers I develop electronic devices with microcontrollers PICmicro, AVR, MSP430. For example this is programmed thermostabilizer (1998). I develop devices with ADSP-2181 microprocessors.
Electronics Tools: OrCAD, Max+PlusII, Specctra.... Details apart..
Mathematics Tools: MathLab, MathCAD. I calculated and made digital filters.



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